Shipping and return policies for Proximal Records

Shipping Info
Online orders are normally processed within 5 BUSINESS DAYS (one week).
• Processing time is SEPARATE from the shipping time.
• We CANNOT guarantee shipping or delivery time on any order.
• International orders, US Mail, and orders that require additional credit verification can take longer to process.

Return Policy
ALL VINYL SALES ARE FINAL! Warped records CANNOT BE RETURNED for any reason. Many records come with a slight warp due to imperfect presses and distributor storage. This problem is easy to correct. Just place your thumbs on the center of the record and flex the edges in the opposite direction of the warp. Rotate, repeat, test on the turntable. Do this a couple times whenever you play the record and it should fix itself.

Unworn clothes that don't fit can be returned within 14 days for a different size or store credit only. You will be responsible for shipping charges for exchanges and returns.